Community Volunteer Scheme

How to be involved

We offer a Community Volunteer Scheme, whereby one free* race place up to the value of an Olympic distance entry is given in return for a day’s marshalling at one of our adult triathlon events. This role can be undertaken by yourself (the competitor), a friend or family member who would like to support you.

*The ‘Community Volunteer Scheme’ entry fee has a value up to the cost of an Olympic distance entry meaning that most of the race places are free.

Requirement and responsibilities

All volunteers have one key role during the triathlon and that is to cheer on and encourage competitors during their special day. In addition to this volunteers can be involved in any one of roles below:

  • Registration
  • Feed Station
  • Swim course volunteer
  • Bike Course volunteer
  • Run Course volunteer
  • Transition area
  • Finish line area

We typically ask volunteers to arrive around 7/8am on the day they are helping out, for a briefing and breakfast, with an aim to be finished by 3/4pm (this can be earlier depending on event /circumstance).

All volunteers are provided with food and drink to make sure they are fully prepared for their fun and enjoyable day ahead.

Volunteer as a Group

Whether a local sports club, charity organisation, community group or group of friends we would love your help and commitment to come along and join us at any of our races across the UK.


Over 90% of the UK Triathlon race crew are volunteers, many of them have been with us for over 15 years and without their support and dedication, these events would not run.

Sign Up Now

Simply fill in the volunteer form and we will be in touch shortly.

Alternatively you can, Email, Text or call

Text 07887 780 553

Phone 01270 842 800

We need contact details, location and which events you are interested in attending. Please also let us know if there are any tasks you are unable to perform or any other relevant information you think we may need to know.

We look forward to welcoming you on board as part of our team and the UKTri family.

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